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Inshot Pro pro APK application is a professional video editor with music, slideshow, different effects, and slow motion video. In addition, with the help of the InShot application, a photo and video editing application in which, you enhance any footage with the pro editing features that the InShot application offers you when you download the application.

Additional Information (InShot Pro APK)

Besides, through the InShot application, you can edit a photo, apply effects to it, and post it on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social media website you can post and get likes. If you are looking for a video editor in which you combine all of your memories in photos or videos and edit them to make an album, this application is best for you.

Furthermore, you can modify photos located in your device memory, so you select them in the InShotPro application advances photo editor. You can also use your picture to set the background.


The InShotPro application has professional features, so you do not give anyone your photo to edit or even a video. You download the application on your mobile and modify it by yourself in a professional way.

So, on your video, you can add sound, blur the background, use keyframe, and text, add emojis to your photographs or video clips, transition effects, or make a slow-motion video with the help of the InShotPro application, and you can add much more effects, animations or other features in your video.

The InShot application gives you accessible control features and an interface that is simple to use and captures you to keep your memories in one video. 

Besides, this application is straightforward in that you can utilize your photo as a background as well as you can edit your pictures. You can apply effects, and filters, edit videos, add music, and much more things you can do in this application.

So, you can duplicate the clip by selecting it again from the gallery. You can choose the videos you want to edit or create the video by selecting photos or videos and merging them into one video. You can add music to different clips inside the InshotPro application.

Moreover, the InshotPro mod APK application offers you a variety of tools to modify your videos as well; if you capture your video in a vertical format, then you can try out the rotation tool that the InShot application offers you to utilize then you can change the direction of your video either in vertical or horizontal format.

InSHot Pro APK

You may select the center and enhance the image or add lovely a lovely blur effect in the InShotPro application to the background of your video. When you are done editing in the InShot application, select the quality you wish to store your video.

You enhance any video or select the clip or picture in the InShot application; then, you add text, select the text color, write what you want in the picture, and add emojis in the video clip. Furthermore, download the InShot application and explore the pro features of the application.

How it Works

In the InshotPro mod APK, first, you download this application; then it’s up to you whether you create or edit your video. For creating a video in the InShot application, you select the photos and video in your media files then automatically, a demo video is made for you.

Besides, you can swap the arrangements for what clips will be in the video’s beginning, medium, or ending in the InShot application. Then you can add effects by selecting the clip; there are numerous effects available, then apply what you like in the InShotPro application. If you want to write in your video, you can utilize the text option and write something in a color you like in the InShot application.

Furthermore, you can edit the photos in the InShot application, and numerous features are available to edit your pictures. Transform your standard uninteresting videos and give them a new look in the InShot application.

You can create an artistic video with engaging tools that the InShot application allows you to utilize freely in your video. If you have no experience editing videos and how to add effects, and transitions in the videos, then there is a simple tool mentioned by name in the InShot application then you can utilize. As you make or create videos in the InShot application, you become professional in this editing work and share your artistic work with your friends or post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Features Of InShot Pro MOD APK

The the InShot application also has several choices of editing for video and photograph modification. Moreover, the efficient features of the InShot Pro mod APK are as follows:

Cut and Trim’s video using Basic Editing.

With the help of the InShot application, you can divide a video into many clips then you can perform editing on it. In addition, by combining several videos to make a single video, the InShot application supports merging videos.

You can also remove undesirable areas that you want to remove and then utilize the crop option to cut the unlike part of the image. Besides, alter the ratio of your videos and images, and you can use any aspect ratio available in the InshotPro application.

Furthermore, between 0.2x and 100x, you can adjust the speed of the video to what speed the video will play. Construct photo slideshows in the InShot application, and you can create stop-motion videos.

Pro video editor

The InShot application provides advanced features you can utilize while editing your content in this application. Text, Stickers, and PIPs all have keyframe animations, and in PIP(Picture-in-Picture), you can layer images and videos on top of the clip in the InShotPro application. 

You can create a simple video collage and picture collage to combine images in one frame and adjust the picture’s locations in the InShot application. Furthermore, in the InShot application, a feature like the Chromatic key eliminates the chosen color from your material. This tool will allow you to make green-screen videos in the InShot application. It would help if you had a shape mask in Picture-in-Picture, either rectangular or whatever shape you can choose.

Add Filters and Effects to videos.

In the InShot application, you can also utilize the blend mode to smudge your videos. Add full movie-style video effects like stop motion, retro, RGB, and glitch effects to your videos in the InShot application. There is a color selection option in InShot Proin which you can choose any color from the screen and then use it for the background and text.

In addition, you can also change the video saturation, contrast, and brightness in the InShot application. You can customize video effects and filters and choose a better look for your video. Furthermore, InShot application is a professional editing application that provides you with 60 significant transitions and utilizes transitional effects to combine two clips. 

Add music and Voiceovers.

In InshotPro mod APK makes video editing more enjoyable by adding voice effects to the videos to add energy. You can also add music to your videos and music to different clips in the InShot application. In addition, you can also utilize the InShot music or attach music from your device, and you can also change the music fading in or out choices and high or low volume in the InShot application. 

Moreover, add voice over’s and several sound effects to your videos. Adding vocal effects and expanding the voiceover range in the InShot application. You select the clip, go to the music tool, select the music from InShot, or add your music option from your device; then, you can adjust that music in the clip. 

Add Animations Text and Stickers

Through the InshotPro mod APK you can express your image through text and stickers by utilizing them in your picture or videos. So, you can attach text and stickers to your image, and numerous fonts are available in the InShot application. 

Utilize subtitles to add to your vlogs, and InShot provides accessible editing features for you to make videos or edit vlogs in the InShot application. Hence, you can utilize emojis and animation stickers and include them in your editing material.

Different stickers are available in animated form, so the InShot application covers your video and photo editing needs. If you are modifying a birthday video, there is a birthday stickers, cartoons, and aesthetics you can use in your videos.

Set the Background and Canvas 

Different designs are available for background settings in the InShot application. Instead, you can utilize your photo to use as a background. Besides selecting the photo, a canvas option is available on the bottom screen of the InShot application; you can change the photo canvas by you can high, or low alternative and then select the tick option; if you are done, save the photo on your device. 

Different options are available: Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and other ratios you can select in the InShot. For Example, if you post a video or picture in Tiktok, select the TikTok ratio option in the InShot application.

Select the video quality and share it

After you modify your videos in the InshotPro mod APK application, you can save them on your device or share them directly to your social media accounts, as InShot allows you to utilize them. In addition, the HD InShot application supports 4k 60fps to export your video. You can also make your daily vlogs on the InShot application; there is no limit to editing in this application as you modify numerous videos. Hence, you can save videos and photographs in various formats. You must input the desired pixel size to crop and resize your files in the InShot application; your material will save on that size.

Pro Unlocked

Edit videos and adjust the zoom level of your video in the InShot application; you select the canvas option and the zoom option and set the zoom level. Besides, you get the InShot application when you download this application from this website, in which you get Pro to unlock features of the application. Furthermore, in this application, there is no limit on effects, filters, transitions, or stickers, and there is no watermark on your videos in this premium version of the application. Hence, you can edit your work with no advertisements, as the application contains no ads, so you can work freely on this pro version of the InShot application.

Version History 
Latest Version: 1.902.1394
Previous Version: 1.848.1368
Old Version: 1.847.1367

Downloading and Installing steps

  1. The downloading button of the InshotPro mod APK is given on this website.
  2. On your mobile, you can go to settings and allow the downloading of the InShot application from unknown resources.
  3. After downloading the InShot application, click the install option.
  4. You may use the InShot application once you install the application.

Download InShot Pro MOD APK?

inshot pro

v1.902.1394 || 73 MB


The  InshotPro mod app is a professional video and image editor application that allows you to utilize its pro features to create or modify videos. Besides, you can apply a super transition, animations, stickers, effects, filters, and much more with no limit in the InShot application. Furthermore, there is a straightforward design of the InShotPro application and there is a tool available at the bottom of this application for ease so you can use it directly for your material. At the same time, there are canvas, music, stickers, text, filter, trim, split, or other tools available in the InShot application to make your video a pro video with HD quality. 

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q#1 Is the InShotPro application safe to use?

Ans: The InshotPro mod APK updates daily, and it is safe to download and utilize to edit your material.

Q#2 Is the InShot application free?

Ans: You can download the InShot application on any device for free. So, start utilizing it numerous features in your videos. 

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