If you are a user of a Mac device and unaware of how to record the screen, you are at the right place. There are many reasons to record the screen of any device. For example, many people record their screens for streaming videos for their YouTube channels and other social media sites. Today, we give you the outstanding guide that will help you quickly record your Mac device’s screen(If you are windows user, see how to Record screen on windows 10). We will tell you the in-built tool and the other best software that you can download on your device to get perfect results.

How To Record Your Screen On Mac

What Is Screen Recording?

The screen recording is a feature that helps you to capture the activities you are performing on your device. This will be done for various purposes like you are giving a lecture on the zoom app and you want to record it for the future, you are attending a webinar and want to keep its recording, or you want to tell someone how to use particular software and much more. You can record your screen and also share it with any social media account. There are different ways to record the screen of Mac devices. We are going to tell you the most effective ways by which you can record the screen more efficiently and get the desired results.

Record Screen With QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player

You can easily record a screen on a Mac device with the help of an in-built tool called QuickTime player. Follow the steps given below to achieve the best outputs:

  1. Go to the application folder on your device.
  2. Then open the QuickTime player from here.
  3. Now from the menu bar, select the new screen recording option.
  4. This will show a screen recording window to you.
  5. If you want to record the audio, you must attach a microphone to your device.
  6. Then set up the audio recording settings with the help of the volume slider.
  7. Then allow or block the option “to show mouse clicks while recording.”
  8. After this, click on the record button and select from the two options you give.
    1. Record the entire screen.
    2. Record only the selected area of the screen.
  9. This will start recording your screen as per your selected option.
  10. When you complete the recording, click on the stop button from the menu bar.
  11. After stopping the recording, the QuickTime payer will automatically run the video that has been recorded.
  12. Now you can play, pause, share and edit this recording. 

Benefits Of Recording With QuickTime Player

There are different benefits of recording the Mac screen with the help of QuickTime that are listed below:

  • This tool is installed by default into your device.
  • It offers impressive features like editing the recording as per your needs.
  • You can also use the sharing option to share the recording immediately to any other device and social media.

Record Screen With Screenshot Toolbar

You can record the screen on a Mac device with the help of its screenshot toolbar. Follow the procedure given below to achieve the best outputs:

  1. Press “command + shift + 5” keys from the keyboard of the Mac device.
  2. This will open up the screenshot toolbar for you.
  3. You will be given the two options that you can select as per your choice.
    1. Record Entire Screen: for recording the whole screen.
    2. Record Selected Portion: for recording the selected area of your screen.
  4. If you select the record selected portion, it will show you a box with dotted lines on the screen.
  5. You can easily click and drag its edges to increase, decrease the size and move it to that portion of your screen that you want to record.
  6. Then click on the record option that you can see on the right side of the menu bar.
  7. Once you have recorded your screen and want to stop it, then click on the icon that has a shape of a square present in a circle.
  8. You can also press the short key “command + control + Esc.”
  9. Now you can play and check the recording whether it meets your expectations or not.

Best Screen Recording Software For Mac

There are a lot of recorders that help you to record your Mac screen, but we are going to tell you about the best ones. This offers you the stunning features that are necessary for any screen recorder. You can download and install them on your device and use them to record the screen anytime you need. Let’s take a look at each recorder one by one:

  1. Wondershare DemoCeater.
  2. Monosnap.
  3. Capt.
  4. OBS.
  5. VLC.
  6. Snapz Pro.
  7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder.
  8. Snagit.
  9. ActivePresenter.

Install any one of them and get the best features offered by them. They are well-known recorders that offer the best quality screen recording and allow you to edit and share these recordings on any social media platform.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1: Can I Record The Entire Screen OF the Mac Device?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can easily record the whole screen of your Mac device with the help of the screenshot toolbar. It will give you the option to install the entire screen or a selected portion. You will choose the option as per your needs.

Q2: What Is The Short Key For Recording The Screen On Mac Device?

Ans: You have to press the short key “command + shift + 5″ from the keyboard to turn on the screen recording tool on a Mac device.

Q3: How Can The YouTubers Show Themselves And The Recording Of Their Screen At A Time?

Ans: They use a webcam to show their live moments to you and simultaneously share their device’s screen.


This is all about the perfect methods to record the screen of any Mac device. We tried our best to give you the best solution to help you while performing this rigorous task. If you are still facing any problems, you can tell us by posting a comment. Our professional experts will help you to solve that problem. Stay connected with us to get more stunning guides like this.

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