One of the most popular online trends these days is YouTube reaction videos. You can keep your YouTube fans entertained for hours with infinite categories like sports games, music, live streaming, and epic fail reaction videos. You can even make humorous GIFs or viral memes from YouTube reaction footage.

How To Edit YouTube Reaction Videos

Today, we will tell you everything about these reaction videos and help you edit them using the perfect methods.

What Are YouTube Reaction Videos?

If you’re unfamiliar with YouTube reaction videos, they’re basically the videos in which the creator responds to another video and give their reactions and personal opinions. The original video plays on your screen, and the reaction video is created using a picture-in-picture effect.

How To Edit YouTube Reaction Videos?

Are you ready to create a professional-looking YouTube reaction video? There are many video editors are available in which you can efficiently perform this task. But we will help you by using Clipchamp’s free online video editor that provides all the features you will require for doing this task.

You can create fascinating YouTube reaction videos in a few minutes that will engage your subscribers, and they will also like it. You have to upload your existing videos or use Clipchamp to capture them directly. You have to follow our step-by-step tutorials on building a YouTube reaction video.

1. Sign Up On Clipchamp Video Editor

First of all, your need to get logged in or signed up to your Clipchamp account for free to get started.

2. Create New Video

After signing into the videos editor, its homepage will be shown to you. You have to click on the “Create a video button” in the top right corner. This will automatically launch the video editor for you. You can also rename your video by clicking on the “untitled video bar”.

3. Go To Screen And Webcam Recording Feature

From the browser tab, go to YouTube and watch the video you want to respond to. Do not press the play button at that moment. Return to the editor and create a tab on the left sidebar by clicking on the Record. Then select the screen and camera option. A popup window will appear with a webcam preview and a record button on it. Before you start recording, you have to double-check for setting up your microphone and camera setting.

4. Start Your Screen And Webcam Recording

To start making your YouTube reaction video, you have to click on the red record button that will be present in the middle of the popup window. You have to right-click on the entire screen, a window, or a Chrome tab to record the screen of your PC. For a YouTube reaction video, we’ve used the Chrome tab. When watching a YouTube video, make sure to select Fullscreen. You won’t be able to view your webcam camera while recording your screen.

Once you’ve completed screen recording your reaction video, then you have to click the blue button to stop the recording. Now you should return to the online video editing tab of Clipchamp and select the Save and Edit option. Click on the Retake Recording if you’re not satisfied with your recorded video. The screen and webcam recordings will be saved to your computer as two separate files. You have to merge them into one in the next step.

5. Edit Your YouTube Reaction Video

Now you have to make your video as per your customized YouTube intro or outro that you used on your channel. You have to drag & drop a background to the beginning of your video with the help of the Graphics tab that you will easily find on the left sidebar. Then select the Text tab placed on the left sidebar. Then you should drag and drop the words you want to use onto the timeline.

Make your text unique by adding the title of your video and the name of your YouTube channel. You can also include your channel’s logo in the video. You have to drag and drop your logo onto the timeline by clicking on Brand kit. You can also resize and move your logo as per your needs.

6. Export Your Video 

When you’ve completely edited your video, you have to export it to your computer to upload it to your YouTube channel easily. For that purpose, you should go to the top right corner of the editor and click the Export button. Then you have to choose the video quality from the options of 480p, 720p, or 1080p.

For a high-quality YouTube reaction video, you must choose the 1080p option. Then click on the Ok button to save your video to your device. You can also share your YouTube reaction video immediately to your YouTube channel by using our YouTube integration.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q 1: Are Reaction Videos Illegal On YouTube?

Ans: The reaction videos may violate the authorship rights provided in the Copyright Act. The reaction videos often critique, alter, or parody to the featured video, so you should use a fair defence method to prevent your channel from suspension.

Q 2: Are Reaction Videos Monetized On Youtube?

Ans: A YouTube reaction channel is eligible for Adsense approval. Individual videos may be difficult to monetize due to copyright violations triggered by YouTube’s Content ID system.

Q 3: How Do You Not Get Copyrighted On A Reaction Video?

Ans:  It is possible to reduce the risk of taking any copyright claims/strikes by flipping and muting reaction videos horizontally, muting audio(Learn How To Remove Audio From Video), or summing the audio or making the videos smaller than they sound when filming them.


This is all about recording and editing your YouTube reaction videos. We hope that this article will be beneficial for you and you will edit your reaction videos like a professional video editor. If you find any problem while performing this task, then you can ask from us by posting a comment. Our professionals will help you by giving the best possible solution to the problems you are facing. Stay connected with us to get more stunning tutorials like this.

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