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CapCut mod APK is a flexible, easy-to-use unrestricted video editor and creator application in which you may edit your pictures and images, make collages, and enhance them with text and stickers in the CapCut application. Bytedance Pte. Ltd. is the creator of the CapCut application. This application has a simple interface and constructed elements; you may create a real video with it in just a minute by utilizing your ideas.  

The description of CapCut MOD APK 7.7.0 (Premium Unlocked)

In addition, the CapCut app includes free cutting-edge features like stabilization, Chroma key, editing photos, add perfect slow motion effects, keyframe animation, and much more to add to your videos. So, this application enables you to capture and save unforgettable memories.

The application contains basic features like video processing, text, stickers, filters, colors, and music are also included in the incredible CapCut application editing software. You can edit photos with animations, and this application also includes a library of music and sound effects to make your video attractive to watch.

As a result, the CapCut mod APK incorporates a powerful editor with various effects, lenses, and styles, as well as tools for creating Animations and dealing with fixed photos.

Download the CapCut application with all the pro features that are free to use. Now you can post your edited content to social networks once altering it in the CapCut application.

Besides, feel free to experiment with modifying the content you have selected easily using the application’s numerous exciting features. The CapCut software is a powerful free Hd videographer that lets you hide the backdrop, add emojis, writing, and effects, and incorporate various movies without sacrificing performance and animation effects.

MOD Features

The exciting features of the CapCut mod APK V 6.9.0 (Premium Unlocked) are described below:

Quick steps for editing videos:

The free CapCut application offers a simple way to modify your videos. To edit videos in this application, you first select the video or picture, then fix the duration, and add animations and music. In addition, you can separate, merge, trim, or shrink videos. Additionally, make intriguing videos by using the pause and backward features.

To emphasize the most significant side of videos or the vlogs you made, work on freeze features. Whether you’ve made any mistake while editing then, you can utilize undo option. Check out the various changeover options in the CapCut application for spectacular visuals at clip changes. After you have edited your videos, then click on the export option and export the footage video with your selected quality.

Use numerous Effects or Filters.


Improve videos using the CapCut application’s interesting video filters and effects features. You can utilize wave effects, blur,   Glitch effects, 3d animation, Vintage, Rainbow effects, etc. in CapCut mod ap. In addition, for merging or integrating every video aside from the watermark and to create a seamless slow-motion appearance, work on speed curves or illumination changes features of this application.

The CapCut application also allows you to alter the intensity, brightness, clarity, and beautiful colors of your videos. Besides, to make beautiful clips, you can use the hottest filters and effects from the CapCut store. Furthermore, you can also zoom in and zoom-out video technique while editing the video.

Add text and stickers.

Free CapCut application offers a variety of typefaces and layouts of fonts, allowing you to attach text and stickers to any clips and images to express your material better. Additionally, you can choose the best font style for the subtitles using the actual document patterns inside the application, as well as integrate different fonts for captions.

In the CapCut application, captions can be added, moved, and adjusted simultaneously as the audio tracks periods. When editing your video, you may explore the 1000-plus cartoon stickers and use as well. By using rainbow color features, you may add some fascinating text in the videos.

Select the video quality.

When you save your video, the application offers you various options from low to high quality. Along with the CapCut application, save your movie in 4k resolution (2160p) at 30 fps. In addition, Hd quality is best for your videos to get the best results.

Control Speed

The CapCut app also includes altering the clip rate from 0.1 to 100x and adding speeding adjustments to videos. In addition,  the CapCut app allows you to change the screen resolution of any clip, as well as lets you attach solid, dashed, segmented, and customized boundaries to your content. You can also make slow-motion videos with this application.

Blur the Background

You can alter the backdrops of your video or combine a blurry effect using the CapCut application. To further blur the background, you should utilize the automated and customizable item-choosing method in which you can select and Blur it. In addition, the steps of blur are to click the effects, then primary, and click blur.  Drag the blur timeline to align with the timeline, then choose an object from the menu at the bottom.

Add music

The CapCut application allows you to extract any clip music and utilize it, as well as even you can include your voiceover in your video to make it appear like a recording. In addition, you can adjust the track’s volume using the tools that let the sound fade up and down.

Therefore, you can change any sound into a robotic, feminine, rabbit, or unique tone with the vocal style functions of the CapCut application. The CapCut application premium version unlocks each audio library for you, allowing you to choose whatever song you like to give your clip a new feel.

Additionally, use the CapCut application to modify any films you pick through your devices and activate some amazing edits.


Transitions and animations are efficient techniques to convey your information visually. In addition, the CapCut application supports both of them to make your video more beautiful. If you want to add a transition effect in your videos, then in the bottom of the Cap Cut editing tools, click on transition. Then various type of transition effect appears, like Particles, Whirlpool, Glitch, and much more select effect you want to add. Therefore, then select the duration and slick on the check mark and the transition effect you select applied in your videos.

Easy Interface

CapCut application is a powerful free Hd videographer and an easy interface that you easily use. In addition, the application lets you hide the backdrop, add emojis, writing, and effects, and incorporate various movies without sacrificing performance and animation effects. The CapCut application allows you t merge photos and images to make a beautiful video. When you’re finished editing, you can also transfer or export any videos and photos.

Overlay photos and videos

You’ll have a special chance to focus on improving your films and photographs thanks to a simple but effective overlaying function of the CapCut app. Additionally, the CapCut application has many gorgeous overlays and fantastic transitions within your photo frames, providing your artistic attempts with a beautiful adventure.

Furthermore, the CapCut application splits all the footage into many frames using its simple keyframe tool. Try making your adjustments in the CapCut application to several of the accessible shots on the software to create the clips also more enjoyable. Additionally, using the CapCut application to alter films or photographs allows you to do so precisely.

Chroma Key

Chroma key is a video editing method that merges two videos in one frame while removing the specific color from the front video, typically green while the videos behind it can be viewed.  In addition, this approach is also called green screen. To use the Chroma key in your videos in the CapCut application, you add the video or pictures to replace the green screen background than in the editing menu at the bottom, open the overlay, then click add an overlay.

Besides, then the next step is to search and add the green screen that you have prepared. When you are done with adding the green screen video, then click on the Chroma key at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, drag the pick point from the color picker option, then set the intensity until the background becomes invisible. Furthermore, click the check mark to save the editing you have done. 

Variety of templates

The CapCut application begins by providing a selection of video templates, all with layer dependents and additional elements to raise the total aesthetic value of the video. In addition, consider free to select any design from the CapCut for your film that better matches your choices regarding video looks. With the CapCut mod APK, you can perform several minor adjustments while uploading your films if necessary after modifying the video. Once you’re finished modifying your clip then, save it.

Easy Video Editing

It is an easy and understandable application with a straightforward function that enables you to use easy editing tools and effects. Use the CapCut application’s great visual and text features together to enhance the explanations in your movies or to create memories videos. Moreover, you can also add text, and stickers in your editing material and make your video an expert-edited video in the CapCut application.

Easy to share

You can export videos to your devices once you have finished editing your videos in the CapCut app, then enable 4k outputs with 60 frames each second, including smart HDR. You may also post your edited works through the internet to any site with the CapCut application, which will make people admire you. By clicking the share button, you can share your edited videos with your friends and then select the application you want to share the video. The CapCut application is an expert video processing software and slideshow maker that meets all your requirements. The CapCut application contains various intriguing editing tools that you may use on any video or photograph.

Easy video editing setting

The CapCut application features easy video editing tools that anyone can use. When you edit videos, you experience the easy step-by-step procedures to edit your videos.

No Watermark, Ads

Edit videos without interrupting the advertisements. The VIP features are unlocked in this application, in which there is no ad while editing videos and no CapCut watermark in the premium version. In addition, the CapCut application is a simple, capable slideshow maker and expert video and image editing program that meets all of your video processing requirements.

What’s new in CapCut mod APK?

The CapCut mod APK latest version provides you with the most stunning features like:

  • No ads
  • Automate speech recognition and subtitles in your videos
  • Background removal
  • Latest trending styles
  • Bug fixes

Version History 

Latest Version: 6.9.0

Previous Version: 6.5.0

Old Version: 3.2.0

Downloading and Installing steps

  1. The downloading button of the CapCut mod APK is given on this website.
  2. On your mobile, you can go to settings and allow the downloading of the CapCut application from unknown resources.
  3. After the CapCut application is downloaded, click the install option.
  4. You may use the CapCut application once you install the application.

Download CapCut MOD APK?

capcut mod apk

V7.7.0 || 87 MB


CapCut mod APK is a free video editor and maker application with all editing tools available to you and is free to use to make your videos more fascinating. Besides, you can take advantage of all video editing features in the CapCut application. Utilize unique features like animations effect, stickers, text, and much more in the content you choose for editing. Furthermore, you can also export your editing material in the CapCut application or share them on any social media site. So, enjoy editing in the CapCut application with all the access to premium features.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q#1 What is the CapCut application?

Ans:  CapCut application is a video or photo editing application that makes it simple to produce your editing content.

Q#2 Is it safe to download the CapCut mod APK?

Ans: The CapCut application is safe and free to download and contains no viruses. 

Q#3 Is the CapCut application premium version free to download?

Ans: Yes, the premium version of the CapCut application from this website is free to download, in which you can use the unlocked features of the application in your videos.

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